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Assistant Photo Editor
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Job ID 4440
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer Valkyrie
Date Posted May 04, 2022
Category Writing/Editing
Job Description

Assistant Photo Editor assists the Photo Editor in handling the following photography needs for Valkyrie magazine. In this position, he/she must assist with: a) Receive assignments on proper form from section editors at any time. Each assignment must have a due date. Assignments should include: a. Vertical or horizontal shot. b. Number of photos needed. c. Date that photos are needed. d. Date, time and location of event. e. Name and telephone number of contact person. b) Assign pictures with specific deadlines and any other data to individual photographers, staff and others. c) Keep a record of all assignments and who is responsible for them. d) Receive and distribute equipment to photographers. e) Maintain master photo scheduling calendar and notify editors of additional assignments. f) Look for possible assignments and ideas. g) Supervise all photographers. In this role, she/he will: a. Instruct staff photographers on how to shoot pictures. b. Critique photographers on ways to improve their work. h) Download photos into computer as requested by written form. i) Load digital pictures onto computer and place in correct section folder. j) Sort through all pictures and develop/maintain photo organization/archive system. k) Keep a file of all caption information supplied by photographers, making sure each final print has the following information: names of all people unless more than 7 people in photo; event, time and place; at least one piece of information not apparent in photo. l) Instruct the staff in choosing a good picture and cropping.

Job Requirements

See above.

Available Openings 2
Hours 4.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $9.00/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Kevin D. Kleine
Contact Email
Work Location LAU 103
Phone 706-238-7871
Fax N/A
Majors All Majors