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Auto Shop Level 2
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Job ID 8304
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer Auto Shop
Date Posted Jul 28, 2022
Category Other
Job Description

This position requires a basic knowlede of vehicles.  Be able to check oil, fluids, and air tires with minimal to no assistance.  

Assist mechanic, knows the proper use of tools and machines. Familiar with the basic repair and maintenance of automotive vehicles and equipment, such as engine tune-ups, changing and adjusting tires, replacing or adjusting belts, changing fluids, adjusting or replacing lights, replacing filters, changing oil, greasing and lubrication of parts, removing and replacing worn engine parts and equipment, repairing brakes and all other related duties. Transports automotive vehicles, equipment and parts. Cleans work and related areas. Follows procedures and policies, etc., assists in office with work orders, pickup and delivery parts.  Assist in the care of the comfort vans, check oil and other fluids, clean and fuel.  


Job Requirements

Valid drivers license No Provisional license, some computer experience.

Available Openings 2
Hours 10.0 to 12.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $9.00/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Tracy Swann
Contact Email
Work Location Jones Building-Physical Plant Auto Shop
Phone 706-236-1741
Fax N/A
Majors All Majors