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Berry College - Experience it Firsthand Student Work Experience Program

Job Details  

Sales Associate Level 1
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Job ID 8355
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer SE - Oak Hill Gift Shop
Date Posted Nov 01, 2018
Category Other
Job Description

A sales associate is the first person a customer meets when entering the store. The sales associate is expected to represent the store in a positive manner and is responsible for assisting customers with merchandise and providing information about products in question. A sales associate will need to operate the CashRegister Express POS system in order to ring up inventory and make a sale, and must be confident handling money. In addition to sales, the associate must be knowledgeable of the store and its operations on a daily level, including a basic knowledge the Shopify e-commerce website and product shipping procedures

Job Requirements

The sales associate will have daily chores, and is responsible for general store upkeep during a shift. The sales associate is responsible for relaying important information to the store manager and CEO. They should maintain the visual appearance of the store by managing store displays and restocking shelves when necessary. A sales associate will occasionally be scheduled for off campus events and Saturday work. As described by the Berry College Student Work Program, this is a task oriented position focused on learning work skills.

Available Openings 3
Hours 6.0 to 16.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $7.25/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Alice Stevens
Contact Email
Work Location Oak Hill Gift Shop
Phone 706-368-6778
Fax N/A