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Berry College - Experience it Firsthand Student Work Experience Program

Job Details  

Marketing Manager
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Job ID 8470
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer SE - Berry Farms Agri-Education
Date Posted Nov 09, 2017
Category Other
Job Description

The Marketing Manager will be responsible all aspects of marketing for the enterprise, including social media. The individual must be organized, professional, and willing to learn. The applicant must have served in the enterprise for at least one year. The applicant must also generate lists of potential clients in the area and communicate with those potential clients in an attempt to generate business.

Job Requirements

This position will be filled by an individual who has shown they can make a commitment to a project and successfully carry it through to completion. Must be an excellent and efficient communicator: verbally as well as written, utilizing all technology. Must be capable of working with other people in a professional manner. This includes students, staff, administration, and external industry professionals. Needs to be able to motivate others to achieve the high levels of performance that will be expected.

Available Openings 1
Hours 10.0 to 16.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $7.45/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Robin I Holt
Contact Email
Work Location N/A
Phone 7065061718
Fax N/A