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Job Details  

PC Deployment Supervisor
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Job ID 9720
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer Information Technology
Date Posted Mar 05, 2018
Category Computer Work
Job Description

The primary role of a PC Deployment student worker is to configure, setup, and install new Windows-PC based computers and related equipment in accordance with the Office of Information Technology’s scheduled computer replacement plan. Key aspects of the job include backing up and transferring user data from old computers to new ones as they come into service, installing software, taking old computer equipment out of service, and completing related forms and paperwork.

Job Requirements

The PC Deployment Supervisor will complete all activities identified for previous levels (see below).  In addition, they will directly assist in the scheduling and training of other students. 

Level 1 – PC Deployment Assistant

Certifications Required:  None

The PC Deployment Assistant will assist in un-boxing and preparing new systems for deployment, preparing paperwork, working with others to perform deployments, preparing hard drives for disposal, transporting hardware to and from deployment, and other activities as directed by student and staff supervisors. 

The student worker must adhere to BITS policies and procedures as well as the Viking Code.  Integrity is vital and required.  The student must be professional, both in appearance and behavior.   The student workers will be exposed to sensitive data and situations; the student must maintain confidentiality at all times.  They are responsible for completing all assignments and documentations on time. 

Level 2 – PC Deployment Apprentice

Certifications Required: IT Fundamentals

The PC Deployment Apprentice will complete all activities of the PC Deployment Assistant (Level 1) and will independently perform certain deployments and tracking system updates at the discretion of staff.  In addition, they will provide training to other students at the discretion of student and staff supervisors. 

Level 3 – PC Deployment Journeyman

Certifications Required: IT Fundamentals

The PC Deployment Journeyman will complete all activities identified from previous levels.  In addition, they will independently schedule and perform deployments and associated tracking system updates.  They will also train other students in all areas of PC Deployment.

Available Openings 1
Hours 10.0 to 16.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $7.70/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Paul Daniel Hoagland
Contact Email
Work Location Hermann 128
Phone 706-238-7967
Fax N/A